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Product designer, Engineer and innovator

About the designer


Khaled Alshaheen, a mechanical engineer with over 20+ years of experience. His innovative designs have transformed industries and touched lives.

Khaled's groundbreaking inventions include RestPan, the world's first bedpan for obese patients, providing comfort and dignity in healthcare. He also designed an egg tray that doubles as a plant pot, promoting sustainability and resourcefulness.

With a commitment to eco-consciousness, Khaled created Fencemat, a safe and effective alternative to harmful chemicals in pest control, benefiting both humans and the environment.

His designs extend beyond practicality. TeamBag, an antitheft bag for street sports, and street cats' portable shelter box demonstrate his compassion for safety and the vulnerable.

Khaled's engineering brilliance shines through Turtle Lock, a complex mechanical locking system, showcasing his relentless pursuit of excellence.

Khaled Alshaheen's creations exemplify his desire to help others in difficult times and enhance everyday life. His work inspires us to embrace empathy and innovation in making a positive impact.



Degree Mechanical engineering
Gannon university 

Gannon University offers a highly respected mechanical engineering degree program. The curriculum combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on experiences and emphasizes the use of modern engineering tools and technologies. Students gain practical skills through well-equipped laboratories and industry engagement opportunities. Graduates are prepared for diverse career paths in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and energy. Gannon University's mechanical engineering program provides a strong foundation for success in the field.

2003 - Now

Product design 

Desgined a useful practical products that been used in the health sector sech as RestPan, And other 35+ products designees with patents awarded globally.

2021 - Now

Factory manager and owner 

RestPan factory in Bognor Regis, UK, Is fiber molding factory manufacturing bedpans from recycled cardboards and office paper, With NHS certified products thats serve the health sector in the UK.

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