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Five cool facts in Innovation

  • "Did you know that the iconic Apple iPod was originally conceived as a tablet project before being transformed into a portable music player?"

  • "The world's first commercial text message was sent in 1992, and it simply read 'Merry Christmas.' This innovation paved the way for the messaging revolution we experience today."

  • "The concept of the 'QWERTY' keyboard layout was designed in the 1870s to prevent mechanical typewriters from jamming by placing commonly used keys apart from each other."

  • "The Post-it Note, a ubiquitous office supply, was actually a failed attempt at creating a strong adhesive. Its inventor, Spencer Silver, found a way to make it less sticky and turned it into a handy tool for notes and reminders."

  • "The original design of the first PlayStation console was inspired by a Super Nintendo console that had been 'sliced' to fit a CD drive."

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