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Innovation fun facts #2

  1. "The concept of 'open-source' software encourages collaboration and innovation by making the source code accessible to the public, allowing developers to modify and improve upon it."

  2. "The development of 3D printing technology has opened up new possibilities in product design, enabling the creation of complex shapes and customized products with ease."

  3. "The concept of 'gamification' integrates game elements into non-game contexts, such as product design, to enhance user engagement and motivation."

  4. "The Swiss Army Knife, known for its versatility, was first designed in the late 19th century to equip Swiss soldiers with a compact tool that could perform multiple functions."

  5. "The 'like' button, now a staple of social media platforms, was initially introduced by Facebook in 2009 as a way for users to show appreciation for posts without commenting."

  6. "The iconic Coca-Cola bottle, known for its distinctive shape, was designed in 1915 to be recognizable even in the dark or when shattered, distinguishing it from imitations.

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